[Script] DVV's States Rotation

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[Script] DVV's States Rotation

Post by DerVVulfman » Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:53 am

DVV's States Rotation
Version: 1.2

This script is a supplmental script that allows coders to alter their menus to display rotating status alments/effects. In that, menu displays will not become crowded with multiple states showing at one time. Instead, the menu can flip from one state to another as time passes. Also, it is possible to render graphic icons in place of the actual word/phrase.

This system does require additional manipulation of menu windows and scene code when necessary. There are two example scripts within this post that have been made for learning purposes that show the basics, and are highly recommended for study.

Note that status rotation is not 100% automated and requires that the related window and scene code performs a regularly scheduled update. Without an updating window, the states will not change.

Also note that icons, if so desired, go within a new Graphics\States folder which is kept separate from the Graphics\Icons folder. Status ailment icons would be placed here for cleanliness purposes.


In the demo of course.

There are three 'altered' scripts (Window_MenuStatus, Window_Status, Window_Battlestatus) to show how to replace the default status display with the rotate states version.

The actual mechanics is stand alone. I leave it to game developers to study the example 'altered' scripts to see about implementation in their works for RPGMaker XP.

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Meh... I wanted to torture Aluxes some more.

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