[Script] MGC's Mode7 Edit

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[Script] MGC's Mode7 Edit

Post by DerVVulfman » Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:43 am

MGC's Mode7 Edit
Edit by DerVVulfman

Based mainly on MGC's (MGCaladtogel's) original Mode7, this script adds a form of forced perspective depth for maps. Animated Autotiles with a four pattern display are supported in maps up to 250x250 in size. All maps that exceed this size limit, either width and/or height, will not display autotile animations. And this system now supports transparent wall effects, though you have no support for angled/perspective maps when in use.

Limitations to Mode7 usage. It ignores the priorities setting of tiles so any tile not defined as a vertical tile will be flat and sprites will be drawn overtop. Example: Bridge railings drawn on the 3rd layer will show below the sprite when walked over , even if the tile's priority is is set to '1'.

  • Mode7 Perspective angled maps
  • Map Looping control
  • Overworld Map Sprite effect for player
  • Animated Autotiles
  • Horizon and horizon fade effects
  • Transparent wall effects (disables perspective angles)
  • Opacity and Tone control
  • Warning and Error preventive switches


Plenty within the script in the demo, mostly the same from the original version. Some additional configs and commands have been added.

Based heavily on MGC's (MGCaladtogel's) system. Some methods were broken into smaller components to reduce script size. Others broken down to make patching with other scripts possible.

Like the original, it contained methods that had been rewritten and may cause conflicts with other systems that also attach code or rewrite these systems.
  • Game_Map.scroll_down
  • Game_Map.scroll_left
  • Game_Map.scroll_right
  • Game_Map.scroll_up
  • Game_Map.valid?
  • Game_Map.passable?
  • Sprite_Character.update
  • Spriteset_Map.initialize
  • Spriteset_Map.dispose
  • Spriteset_Map.update

Credits and Thanks
Thanks to MGC for the creation of the system. Also thanks to Ahzoh for providing me a version a couple months newer than one I already had.
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