Paragon levels in an MMO-like RPG?

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Paragon levels in an MMO-like RPG?

Post by thephantom » Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:34 am

So as you guys know an MMO-like RPG requires new content to constantly be added to the game. And as such the developers of such a game cannot keep up pumping out content as fast as players consume it. Thus the invention of "end-game". A time in the game where players have alternative goals and objectives beyond just leveling up. Then once a new expansion is released, the level up increased as well, players go back to leveling and reach end-game again. This time whatever progress they made in the previous end-game is usually reset and they have to start over again.

So my question: is it possible to implement "paragon levels" in the "end-game" portion of an MMO-like game? Paragon meaning a level on top of your normal character level that usually has no cap. So if I reach the level cap at level 20 then I can still gain experience and level up but my paragon level would increase. I could be a level 20 mage but with a paragon of 830! Each level of paragon would make my character even more stronger. It sounds good so far right?

Okay but now let's look at the reset. The next expansion comes out and now the level cap is increased to level 30 from 20. And... my paragon reset as well back to 0. I can't gain any more paragon levels until I reach the new level cap. So this clearly won't feel right to many players. Even though it is no different from any other MMO that resets your end-game progress, such as resetting your artifact weapon, needing new gear, etc. Does it feel bad to you? What would you like to see happen to your paragon when a new expansion is released? Can it be converted into something else that won't break the game?
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Re: Paragon levels in an MMO-like RPG?

Post by LagunaX1 » Sat Jan 05, 2019 6:21 pm

As long as its completely optional and it doesn't effect the experience of people who don't want to do Paragon, so you can complete all the story quests without it, and the majority of side ones too.

So there's the main game, then there's the Paragon Content which do not influence each other. If it's made 100% clear that paragon is optional and will be reset when the next Chapter comes out, I think it's fine.

You just need something else to reward players when the paragon is reset, like every 100 Paragon is converted into a Loot Chest Key or something. Then when thinsg reset it won't feel like you did it for no reason, you actually got something out of it.

Also while doing Paragon related stuff you could be rewarded items, weapons and armour that will be useful in the next Chapter, at least for the first couple of dungeons.

So yeah, I think Paragon is fine as long as you get some rewards that will continue on past the post game into the next Chapter to replace it when it resets.
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