Have some COMMON SENSE!!!

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Have some COMMON SENSE!!!

Post by DerVVulfman » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:19 pm

For a couple of members, this might seem like I am re-posting a thread from Save-Point.Org. Far from it... I'm introducing the same form of discussion that my friend, Bounty Hunter Lani created with her Common Sense Corner from Save-Point.

Basically, it is a thread where anyone should be able to share things about game design that makes sense, and what pitfalls to avoid. She actually quoted me in her first opening post where I suggested "Basically a thread where people have game-related ideas, plots devices and tricks-of-the-trade they want to share."

Now if you wish to visit Save-Point, there were concepts such as humorous NPCs, Villains destroying their own resources, stupid trendy names, ancient magicks, and repetitive actions. But that's not to say one cannot add to the discussion here or share their own viewpoints.

This thread is where YOU can suggest things that should be common sense in a game.

So let us begin, shall we?

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Riddle me this: If the Final Boss's plan is to blow up the world and everyone in it, do you think his henchmen are going to be keen on the idea?

Fred the Goon: Um, what? Did you say blow up the world? Wait. I live there!!!

I guess... not so much. Whatever you do, you have grunts to fight before encountering the boss fights. And yeah, they should have some level of loyalty to their boss. But don't make it so they're all happy to die when the world ends. It's kinda silly.

Fred the Goon: Oh, wait. He has that rocketship waiting for us. Yes, we get to go on a roadtrip!

Well, I guess it does depend on what might be construed as 'End of the World', right? One James Bond movie, the bad guy was setting up his own space station with colonists to repopulate the Earth after wiping everyone out. And in Kingsmen, you have the iPhones from hell!

Fred the Goon: I never liked cellphones.

That's not to say that the grunts are told the whole story. If the boss only just decides to do something as disastrous as blow up the earth and has no exit plan, do you think he'd tell the grunts.

Fred the Goon: Um, Houston? We have a problem. THE ROCKETSHIP IS PACKED WITH C-44444!!! AND WE'RE NOSE-DIVING STRAIGHT TO EARTH!!!!

S....tuff happens. And you have to have some loner-type Boss that wants to watch the world burn. The Joker? Mebby not that bad, because who'd he have left to prank? Sephiroth thought things needed a total re-do. And Damian Darkh in Arrow had lost his beloved, and had no henchmen left.

So... If you got goons in your game, let them know what they're getting into. Because it's just COMMON SENSE that they probably wouldn't agree to blow up the Earth if that's where they live.
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