[Script] MultiSlots!

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[Script] MultiSlots!

Post by DerVVulfman » Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:08 am

Version: 3.4

This system allows you to increase the number of armor slots for your characters and grants select characters the ability to use two weapons at the same time.

  • Dual Wielding - Wanna use two daggers at the same time?
  • Two Handed Weapons - Can't use a shield when using these!
  • MonkeyGrip - Bypass all the limits of two-handed weapons
  • Cursed Equipment - Those pesky irremovable items ^_-
  • Switched Equipment - Trick players to equip cursed items!
  • Advanced Equipment Screen - Based on RPG Advocate's, shows more stats
  • Personalized Slots - Set up individual sets for each hero
  • Concealable Slots - Allow 1 or more slots to be invisible. ^_^
  • Offhand System - Prevents some weapons from use in off hand
  • Unarmed Combat Stats - Allows non-zero ATK/PDEF/MDEF values.
  • Optimize System - Lets you use an 'optimize' command on actors
None. But if you're familiar with Guillaume777's or Trickster's MultiSlot system, and RPG Advocate's Advanced Equipment menu... I kinda modeled its appearance on both.


Four easy to use pages. (currently not updated)
[indent]Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4[/indent]

Fairly easy to use. Enter key phrases or numbers into the equipment's name allows you to add extra features such as cursed items, or identify them for use in the newer slots.

Made specifically for use with RPGMaker XP and the RGSS code. It requires rewrites of a number of methods in Game_Actor, Scene_Equip and other classes.

Credits and Thanks
To my sister Kalier. :) Also thanks to Guillaume777, Trickster and RPG Advocate for certain codes and ideas. And thanks to Habs11 for finding a bug related to the different database sizes between armor and weapons. And to Cloak of Laser Cannon for finding a 'character switching' glitch to fix. And to sixtyandaquarter for the notion of the monkeygrip feature which lets certain players handle two-handed weapons in dual wield mode as if they were regular ones. After that, thanks to jccaton for noticing the irregularity with how stats showed when equipping either weapon or shield in the second slot. And to XP Kobold for noting how changed armor equipment slots did not retain their equipment as Guillaume777's system was able. Jojozityjo found a critical error that came about when initializing players that had no gear which interfered with the armor setup routine. And a related error was found by Yin of Save-Point for me to fix because an 'initialize' value was missing from the Game_Actor class. Lastly, thanks to Waddle-Dee who found an error with the Status window when she had used a shield/sword style combination on an actor set to dual wield.

Author's Notes
I included an old copy of Me(tm)'s Visual Equipment in the demo. It works with the system, but only for the default 5 slots.

Terms and Conditions
Free for use in games both commercial and free. Just give due credit.
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