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Post by OffbeatJenny » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:34 am

Random open Pokémon questions for anyone:

What’s your favorite gen? (And why? :P )

What’s your favorite Pokémon?
(Mine is vlupix!)

What’s your favorite Pokémon type?
(Water types for me!)

And finally, what’s Pokémon move is your favorite?

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Re: Pokémon.

Post by LagunaX1 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:01 pm


1: My favourite Gen... I think it would be Gen 5 or Gen 7 (Ultra sun and moon, not the originals.) I think narrative wise they had more to offer to than the other games, plus more variety of Pokémon. The thing I enjoy most is the team building and battling, so the more pokémon the better.

I'm pretty confident Gen 8 is going to be the best one yet, especially if they have over world pokémon like Pokémon Go, just add battling wild pokémon back in when you bump into them

2: My favourite Pokémon is Aggron and I wish Aron could be starter lol

3: My favourite Pokémon type is Steel, they just all look so cool to me and contain the majority of my favourite Pokémon such as Aggron, Skarmory, Metagross, Aegislash and Steelix.

4: My favourite move... I guess... Is... Er... Hmm... No idea! lol I guess Trick Room is good combined with a slow Steel Team. I also like Heavy Slam on Aggron. No move really stands out as amazing to me though.

Well, those are my answers! Hope they are good! lol
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Re: Pokémon.

Post by Vesril » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:55 pm

Brace yourselves, forum members...a pretty decently long post for so early in a forum's renewed life is incoming - and it's all TEXT:

1: My favourite Gen: In terms of changes made to mechanics, it's Gen4 without a doubt (FINALLY, Gyarados got to use some water attacks effectively!!! About dang time, I dare say).

In terms of plot, I enjoyed Gen5 most, though I wish they had used the opportunities and plot and gone just a bit further with getting at the nature of some of the questions they brought up, and resolving them, instead of just tossing them out there regarding Pokémon ownership. Opportunity pretty well wasted there, sadly, even if it is my favorite narrative.

And since I'm a composer...Gen6 (X and Y) wins the music competition (though if we disregard wonderful fidelity of the soundtrack of version X and Y, Gen5's games had nice compositions, too...and, so did Gen3 (though the remake in Gen6 of Gen3 Hoenn soundtracks drove me kind of nuts...no more Horns? Trumpets instead, near-exclusively...? WHY).

2: My favourite Pokémon: Oh Arceus - wait, no that's not my answer; that's me griping about being indecisive...hmm, this'll take a while...

...well, since there are over 800 choices, I'll go with the one that came first to mind as one of my faves: Ferrothorn, a good Steel and Grass type. Thing's defensive and specially defensive prowess is great, and it has hardly changed, but is still relevant without a doubt as threats go, and it can be employed using multiple strategies. Personally, I'd ideally like to use it like so:

Item: Leftovers
1) Curse (less Speed by one stage; more Attack and Defense by one stage)
2) Power Whip (STAB and rather strong, and as accurate as Fire Blast...not perfect, but better than missing like Thunder or Blizzard do)
3) Knock Off (doubles in power when striking a foe carrying an item, and causes them to drop the item if possible)
4) Gyro Ball (STAB attack that, the lower your speed than your opponents, the more damage it does. Combine that with Ferrothorn being really slow already, and Curse reducing speed and raising attack, and all you need to hammer enemies into oblivion, if you can set it up, is the effect of Trick Room to be in play~)

3: My favourite Pokémon type: Actually, this is a good, and tough, question too...I'll go with Fairy, actually, in spite of it being really hard to say for sure

4: My favourite move: Z-Memento~ I lower your Attack and Special Attack at the exchange of my (hopefully already weakened) Pokemon's health, aaaand...I switch in someone who is also weak and afflicted with status, only for the Z-move additional effect of Z-Memento to heal their health and status completely just like Healing Wish does, albeit without lowering your stats in the same motion. Pretty neat move, no? That said, I've yet to actually use this...so, I'll just go with Psyshock if anyone needs an alternative for some reason. :roll:

LagunaX1 wrote:
Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:01 pm
1: My favourite Gen... I think it would be Gen 5 or Gen 7 (Ultra sun and moon, not the originals.) I think narrative wise they had more to offer to than the other games, plus more variety of Pokémon. The thing I enjoy most is the team building and battling, so the more pokémon the better.
I'm with you on Gen5 having a better narrative...but I haven't gotten far in Ultra Sun or Moon, so that might have to change.
LagunaX1 wrote:I also like Heavy Slam on Aggron.
Well, I think that I just witnessed a Carbink somewhere in the Pokémon universe wince as if in terrible pain...yeah, that move hurts, espeically if your Aggron has its Hidden Ability of Heavy Metal granting it twice its normal weight.

Also, Aggron has access to Metal Burst, which is an interesting move (deals back 1.5 damage to hit points/HP from an attack that Aggron survives, which...ow. Glad it doesn't have more HP, because if it did, it'd be a lot harder to take down there - and it covers all damaging moves, unlike Mirror Coat and Counter (which do deal back more damage than Metal Burst, but also require more predictability).

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