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Post by OffbeatJenny » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:47 am

I’m not a huge Spiderman fan, but my older brother is obsessed with the game. It’s only playable on Playstation 4, yet I hear it’s actually quite popular.

So, I’d like to know some of you all’s opinions on the game, whether you like it or think it should/could be improved!

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Re: Spider-Man!

Post by LagunaX1 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:13 pm

Spiderman is the best super hero video game I've ever played.

It builds upon the success of the Arkham games with a similar combat system. Some people seem to think it's a bad thing, calling it just another Arkham game, but I think there's no better mechanic they could have used for it.

The swinging and travelling around the city feels amazing, and the city is massive. There's a fast travel system but swinging is so fun I never used it.

The story is also great and doesn't fall into the trap of being an origin story or relying too much on the movie versions of the character, a lot like the Arkham Games.

The voice actors are amazing as well, very well done especially by Spiderman and the main villain. Fun fact, Spidermans voice actor does Sasuke in the English Dub of Naruto, if you care about that sort of thing lol

But yeah, I'm sure there's ways it could be improved, but over all I'd say there's not much that needs changing.
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