About Us

RpgMaker.org is a game design community focused around the Rpg Maker franchise but welcome all engines and platforms. We are a group of developers who want to share the joy of game creation and provide anyone and everyone with the tools and know-how to start forging their own games. Whether you've never touched a development tool or you're an old pro, our friendly and helpful community are willing to lend a hand.


We strive to bring together a community that helps and befriends those in need and brings together game developers from all over the world. We wish to provide help to you in the most effective way possible and advance the site in a way that will best allow us to do that.

To help us achieve our goal we remember that our community has a voice. A site built upon the community to help the community is our main goal, and as such, no suggestion or critique will go unheard. We aim to make this the best game making experience you'll find anywhere on the web.


  • August 10th 2009 - RpgMaker.org was announced
  • January 2nd 2011 - RpgMaker.org began development
  • June 22th 2011 - RpgMaker.org officially launched
  • December 23rd 2011 - Major Site improvements made to home page and section entrances
  • December 5th 2018 - Site relaunched as a community forum


Site is created and hosted by thephantom
To see the full staff list: Team page

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