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Share your Resources allows you to easily add and manage your content added to the site with our easy-to-use control panels. Our feature rich control panels allow you to edit every aspect of your content. You write its description, you provide the captions to your screen shots, you delete comments you don't like, you pick which categories it falls under, you add your own tags- you are in complete control.

Manage your Content

Share your Games
Present your game in a professional online profile allowing players to easily find and play your game. Features include: screen shot gallery with support for YouTube videos, News Blog, comments, add mutliple downloads per game, and built in game reviews and ratings.
Share your Resources
Easily add resources to the site to share them with the community and have them gain exposure. Features include: built-in Creative Commons licensing options, upload multiple files per resource record for easy grouping, add screen shots and previews of the resource in use, user comments, and a rating system.
Share your Tutorials
Write tutorials with our feature rich editing system. Share your knowledge with the community. Features include: feature rich tutorial editor, upload multiple attachments, add screen shots, user comments, and a rating system.
Share your Downloads
Know of a great game maker, or a program that people would find useful? Share it with the site. Features include: link to external sites for download, and add screen shots.
Share your Website Links
Know of a great game development website? Share it with us!

Additional Features include

  • Easy-to-use Approval system allows you to see exactly what you need to fix to get your content enabled.
  • Once content is approved all changes made to your content will be reflected in real time.
  • Abuse can easily be handled through convient Report buttons. Content will only be disabled if Staff feels it is neccessary.
  • Preview option to view your content before it is approved.
  • Daily Hit counter to monitor how often your content is viewed each day.
  • Customized short, user friendly URL's.
  • Up to 24 screen shots (or videos) per record.
  • Up to 10 downloads per record at (5 MB each) with the option to easily link to external upload sites.
  • All for free!

What are you waiting for?

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