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Having trouble with creating events? Or mapping got you stumped? Find tutorials from mapping to full on event systems, you'll never be lost again! Also feel free to share your knowledge by submitting a tutorial! Your tutorial can help many in making their game a great success. Our Tutorials are mainly for RPG Maker, but include general game design and other platforms as well.
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Newly Added
This post aims to cover the basic knowledge on Component Cohesion/Coupling Digraphs(Com Coh/Cou Digraph, same below). Subsequent replies will demonstrate some practical applications in some ... Read more
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Moderately EasyRPG Maker XP1/11/2014Lightness
This is a tutorial on how to make a consumable tent item that can only be used in certain situations (the tutorial will show how to make one that can be used on a world map, but can easily b ... Read more
Moderately EasyNon-specific10/25/2013Tigurus Fay
While you can manually change the folder where your new RPG Maker Project is going to be, some people spit out new projects because maybe you need to test features or because you are just a ... Read more
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ModerateRPG Maker 20037/3/2013Drakul
This FAQ will explain how to create a group of NPCs/Events that will play follow the leader with your main character. These NPCs can be used to visually represent other members of your party ... Read more
Moderately EasyRPG Maker XP5/21/2012Lightness
Terrain tags can be very useful for manipulating the events on your maps. This tutorial will show you how to set up and assign terrain tags to different battle backgrounds on your maps. Whil ... Read more
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