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Share your Games allows you to easily share your games. Giving you the full ability to add and manage your games with our easy-to-use control panels. Our feature controls allow you to edit every aspect of your game's online profile. You write the game's description, upload and caption screen shots, allow members to rate, review and comment on your games, and you can keep everyone updated on your development progress.

Your Game's Online Profile Features

  • Provide your own description and overview for your game.
  • Upload up to 24 screen shots and provide a caption for each.
  • Attach YouTube videos to your game's profile page.
  • Keep players up to date with your own development/update blog.
  • Add textual pages to your online profile allowing you to describe your game in more detail.
  • Upload your game files or easily link to them on other file sharing services.
  • Credit members of the community or freely write your game's credits.
  • Categorize and Tag your game wallowing players to find it easier.
  • Interact with players through comments and discussion.
  • Allow players to rate and review your game to provide feedback.
  • Enter your games into contests andw in awards and other prizes.

All of these great features allow you to share almost every aspect of your game online in a professional and easy manner. Add your game to our site to give it exposure to our community and get feedback. Sharing your game is easy and free.

Additional Features include

  • Easy-to-use Approval system allows you to see exactly what you need to fix to get your content enabled.
  • Once content is approved all changes made to your content will be reflected in real time.
  • Abuse can easily be handled through convenient Report buttons. Content will only be disabled if Staff feels it is neccessary.
  • Preview option to view your content before it is approved.
  • Daily Hit counter to monitor how often your content is viewed each day.
  • Customized short, user friendly URL's.
  • All for free!

What are you waiting for?

Join us today! Sign up and start sharing your games! We can't wait to see your creations and have you as a valued member of our community!

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