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How to Make Games

Have you ever wanted to make your own games?

Learning how to make games may be a challenge but we are here to help. It will take you time, it will require patience, and you may not succeed at first. But if you work hard enough you will be able to learn how to make games. The basic process of making your own game involves several steps: picking a game engine, learning how to use it, writing a story, designing the game, finding resources, developing the game, and finally sharing your game with others.

Game Development Software

Game Development Software

The first step is to find a game development engine, or game makers. Game development engines allow you to easily create your own games. We have many game makers which you can choose from, check out our Game Development Software page to learn more.

We recommend using Rpg Maker if you wish to create an role playing game. Game Maker is best if you wish to create other types of games. These makers are great for getting started as they require minimal coding experience and you can focus more on making your first game, rather than learning how to program. Note: both Rpg Maker and Game Maker allow you to write your own code and fully customize the engines if you wish to learn how to program yourself.

Game Development Tutorials


Now that you have a game engine ready to use, you need to learn how to use it. Thankfully there are hundreds of tutorials available teaching you how to use your game engine. Start off by checking out our Tutorials section. Our Tutorial section contains member made tutorials and provides you with references to other great tutorial sites on the net.

Game Development Resources


After you get more comfortable with your game engine, you will want to start customizing the default graphics and sound effects, also known as resources. You will want to find resources to customize your game. You can learn how to make your own resources, but you can also find already made resources ready for you to use within your game. Check out our Resources section to find many galleries made by our members and references to other great resource sites on the net.

Share Games

Share your Games

With your game now playable, you will want to share your game with others. Sharing your game on our site allows you the ability to create a feature rich profile including screen shots, blog, comments, user ratings and reviews. The best part is that its super easy to use and free! Share games

Need help making your Game?

If you ever get stuck making your games, just remember to head over to the community forum and make a thread about your problems. Our helpful members will be there to help you through any problems you may have.

Share your resources and tutorials

Don't forget that you can also use our site to easily share your resources and tutorials with others. The best part is you can get feedback on your work and know that you helped someone else with the development of their game.


We are excited to meet you and learn more about your ideas and help you with your first game. We are not elitist and very friendly to new members of the game development community.