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Last updated on 7/16/2018 7:35:01 PM hc
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PlatformRPG Maker VX Ace
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Created10/28/2017 6:56:35 PM
Updated7/16/2018 7:35:01 PM
A small file with the full credits is available in the downloads section.

Geiken is a mystery/philosophical adventure set in a fantasy/sci-fi world. The focus is on the writing and storytelling, covering themes of identity, apotheosis, and the pursuit of happiness. Decisions can be made that alter the course of the narrative and the landscape of the finale. There are six different endings that occur based on prior choices.
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Orgaya wrote on 3/4/2018 2:13:36 PM:
Geiken Trailer:
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Orgaya wrote on 3/4/2018 2:12:41 PM:
Updated to v3.0.


- An in game compass has been added. It will be given to the player after the second quest (if you have a save after this, there is a chest just outside of Kinsa City that will give it to you instead; otherwise it just contains a potion). Pressing "R" will activate and deactivate the compass. It only points the player in the direction of the current objective in the main quest they are on, and won't work in certain areas.
- Most companions have been given a unique ability that can be activated from the Support menu.
- Late game bosses will now teleport to the player if they stray too far from the battle.
Orgaya wrote on 2/10/2018 8:50:03 AM:
Updated to v2.2.


- Three new dungeons have been added across Snowtop. Inside are new enemies, items, and unique bosses. Each boss provides an item that will upgrade one of the three secret items found across the world.
- Many items now have new attributes, such as double experience gain or granting the wearer an ability to cast buffs.
- The final bosses are now more of a challenge.
Orgaya wrote on 1/22/2018 10:48:17 PM:
Updated to 2.1.

(Spoilers below)

- Many bugfixes and tweaks.
- After finding a specific key, the player can unlock secret chambers throughout the world that house emblems meant to be equipped to specific followers for stat increases.
- New boss, the "Kith Brute", has been added to several side dungeons, with equipment to claim from them.
- "Mother" bosses are now much faster and aggressive.
- During the climax, Fury now has the ability to ghost through any obstacle and can one hit KO if he catches you.  Kodigon's fire attack now shoots twice as fast and five bolts are thrown instead of three.  If her army attacks Ring, several of her soldiers will be summoned as reinforcements as her health drops.
- A lot of new equipment can be found in the overworld and in dungeons.
- Followers now return any added equipment to the player during the course of the story or during companion quests.