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RPG Maker 2003 Games (RM2K3 Games)

Rated 7/10
In DevelopmentRPG Maker 200310/14/2018mr_h
Contains profanity Join Aryn, a refugee from the war-torn Province of Yeminga. When the world he knows vanishes before his eyes, Aryn suddenly finds himself in the midst of a decades-long c ... Read more
Rated 6/10
CompletedRPG Maker 20031/23/2014thephantom
My entry for the mapping contest.  I made it in a few hours just to add an entry to the contest, since no one else seems to be entering.  Do not take it very seriously.  I re ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker 20031/29/2018Starmage
BlueSkies is an RPG game made with RPG maker 2003 featuring an emotionally driven classical RPG atmosphere and an immersive world and plot that you can enjoy!! Follow the tale of Skye and hi ... Read more
CanceledRPG Maker 20037/3/2011thelatte
Enter... an RPG of epic proportions. "An exceptionally immersive, visually-pleasing RPG" - Gibmaker, "Epic and enjoyable!" - dragonheartman, - OVER 9 HOURS OF G ... Read more
In DevelopmentRPG Maker 20037/10/2012domyssj
DB - USD is a RPG/Fighthing game based on the Dragonball Anime. The game covers the entire Dragonball Z story, plus original alternative sagas. Gameplay: A Free roaming world map, with th ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker 20031/8/2017SHADEN
Durham Fantasy: Agartha is a Final Fantasy style role playing game set in the world of Durham, ruled by the evil Lord Norris. A young man with extraordinary abilities is found near death an ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker 20037/10/2011EphiamOricuna
Eternal Paradise is a dungeon crawler RPG complete with an epic fantasy story told In Media Res. Borrowing ideas heavily from earlier RPGS, it is void of puzzles of any kind and deals solely ... Read more
CanceledRPG Maker 20035/20/2015thephantom
The world has been taken over by zombies and you are the only person left!  Thankfully you have an arsenal of weapons and the will to fight!  Fight your way through two maps of zom ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker 20036/27/2015Valadurs Erbe
The player explores a forgotten island full of savage creatures and confronts them in real-time action combat where the right strategy is your most powerful weapon. Always look out for new a ... Read more
In DevelopmentRPG Maker 20038/22/2012Nick Hawke
Prepare to enter a world of magic, technology, war, and friendship! Stars of Power takes place in the distant future where an ancient catastrophe has destroyed most of the world's technology ... Read more
PausedRPG Maker 20039/21/2015Pyramid_Head
A fan-made sequel to SaGa Frontier 2 tells the story of four people who are connected by the ties of fate, and are destined to take up the mantle of heroes from a bygone age.
In DevelopmentRPG Maker 20034/9/2015Cernus
The Difficult Second Quest is a non-wacky parody of JRPG's. This will appeal to anyone who enjoyed the gameplay of Final Fantasy but could never take the storytelling seriously. The Difficu ... Read more

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