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Rated 6/10
Four friends from the same university go out camping together. But while gathering firewood, strange sounds can be heard from the forest. After that, things get gradually worse. This is the ... Read more
Ballistic Assault is an RPG/Shoot 'Em Up game taking place through 20 levels of bullet hell. Fly through levels as you shoot and gain EXP to level up your ships powers. Order your ally units ... Read more
A new type of an old school RPG, something you have never seen before! ... And now most of the bugs are fixed! In this game, you take the role of Edguy von Hoffenstraden, the angriest dad i ... Read more
In TestingOther8/18/2011garfunkle
Geneticode is a 2D Sidescrolling physics Platformer where the code is both your enemy and your friend. Watch out as it falls from the skies trying to crush your tiny little body but also kee ... Read more
Hangman, it's always been a nice game. Browse through the dictionary, to find as idiotic as possible words, and hope the other one won't be able to guess it. You (currently) can choose from ... Read more
This is an overhead action game with about 20 stages.  You fight in differant arenas inside a tank.  Use W,S,A,D to move your tank and the mouse to move your crosshairs. Your enemi ... Read more
In DevelopmentOther12/16/2012MadApples
Hello, this game is no longer in development at this time ;) Reason: Im developing a new massive online multi-player game currently and it has my highest priority right now. -MadApples Th ... Read more
You are a billionaire, and owner of a software developing company. Your company's latest software, Regenerate, is capable of restoring a computer's software in case of a virus. You find you ... Read more
In DevelopmentOther9/26/2012rubenel
Defy gravity. Can you reach the final? Psyfics is a indie puzzle videogame made completely in HTML5.
In DevelopmentOther8/18/2011garfunkle
It's time to Rise Up against the oppressive government and take back control of the city for the good of all. Take to the streets and fight your way through 4 stages covering varying section ... Read more
Robot Misfits is a puzzle platformer that requires players to tactfully switch between four robots with varying abilities. Wheelie, Hover, Magno and Shrink will need teamwork to survive, uti ... Read more
In DevelopmentOther4/16/2016thephantom
RpgLegend is an in-development online multiplayer role-playing game that harkens back to the 2D glory days of the 16-bit era. The game is being presented in episodic format to bring you a sw ... Read more
In DevelopmentOther12/10/2012garfunkle
A short Christmas themed game where the object is to drop presents into the chimneys of houses below. Controls: Drop presents with Space Pause game with Enter View credits with Q Exit credi ... Read more

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