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Rated 6/10
Four friends from the same university go out camping together. But while gathering firewood, strange sounds can be heard from the forest. After that, things get gradually worse. This is the ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker VX4/29/2013Ryan
When a lazy mom doesn't get her Christmas to-do list done, she leaves it up to you(Travis) to complete it. With only a few hours before 5pm, the closing time in town, you must hurry up and c ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker XP8/11/2013Ryan
Starting in the state of Westiana, you set out on a journey to meet new citizens and create a life. Buying a home, making friends, paying debt, exploring, fishing, digging and catching bugs ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker VX Ace4/30/2015SPM
Frey Smith has been experiencing terrifying nights since one week. When he goes to bed he can hear agonizing cries, strange sounds, an invisible and evil presence next to him... He bought th ... Read more
A new type of an old school RPG, something you have never seen before! ... And now most of the bugs are fixed! In this game, you take the role of Edguy von Hoffenstraden, the angriest dad i ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker XP1/30/2013LDC Studios
After being set up and left for dead, you awaken bleeding in a ditch beneath the wreckage of your car. With no recollection of the preceding events you stare deeply into the wilderness stret ... Read more
Hangman, it's always been a nice game. Browse through the dictionary, to find as idiotic as possible words, and hope the other one won't be able to guess it. You (currently) can choose from ... Read more
In DevelopmentRPG Maker VX Ace3/16/2018gingersun
Legenda Kristal is an adventure game using a historically accurate Indonesia as a base, to preserve it's history among it's young people. It's story focuses on the struggle of a young man co ... Read more
In DevelopmentOther12/16/2012MadApples
Hello, this game is no longer in development at this time ;) Reason: Im developing a new massive online multi-player game currently and it has my highest priority right now. -MadApples Th ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker XP8/29/2017Manucyan
Hello, Parasolitude is introducing a new concept : the "ha´kus-video-games". An ha´ku is a japanese traditionnal short poem with only 3 sentences. An ha´ku-video-game is a video-game very sh ... Read more
In DevelopmentRPG Maker XP1/3/2012Shorty132471
For anyone who was a member of phanxgames, you may remember this (started making it about 4 years ago, then forgot about it for a while lol). I am still planning on releasing it. Most of the ... Read more
In DevelopmentOther9/26/2012rubenel
Defy gravity. Can you reach the final? Psyfics is a indie puzzle videogame made completely in HTML5.
In DevelopmentOther12/10/2012garfunkle
A short Christmas themed game where the object is to drop presents into the chimneys of houses below. Controls: Drop presents with Space Pause game with Enter View credits with Q Exit credi ... Read more