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Puzzle Games

CompletedRPG Maker VX4/29/2013Ryan
When a lazy mom doesn't get her Christmas to-do list done, she leaves it up to you(Travis) to complete it. With only a few hours before 5pm, the closing time in town, you must hurry up and c ... Read more
In DevelopmentRPG Maker XP9/4/2011gRaViJa
An epic rpg with an addictive story. The game focusses on storytelling, character development and gameplay.
CompletedRPG Maker XP7/30/2013Ryan
Barco Labs, a testing facility in the Southern United States, takes average folks and puts them to the ultimate test. Eric Ralston finds himself in this exact situation, his only choice is t ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker 20031/8/2017SHADEN
Durham Fantasy: Agartha is a Final Fantasy style role playing game set in the world of Durham, ruled by the evil Lord Norris. A young man with extraordinary abilities is found near death an ... Read more
A new type of an old school RPG, something you have never seen before! ... And now most of the bugs are fixed! In this game, you take the role of Edguy von Hoffenstraden, the angriest dad i ... Read more
In DevelopmentRPG Maker VX4/3/2014dizzyinc
Just Beneath The Skin is a story driven action/puzzle RPG revolving around Shyla, whom unknowingly and unwillingly is forced into battling for her life and for the lives of many others.
In DevelopmentRPG Maker XP3/1/2012Mit-mat
This is a mini game for the Puzzle/Mini Game Contest 1.  I'll admit it does contain glitches still, but school decided to override my time to work on this.  XD  Anyway, enjoy! ... Read more
CanceledRPG Maker XP8/13/2011kalin
this is a game i made when i was like 12... your a young man that when little your family was killed you escaped and were found by a nice family later the family passes away all but there so ... Read more
In DevelopmentRPG Maker XP1/3/2012Shorty132471
For anyone who was a member of phanxgames, you may remember this (started making it about 4 years ago, then forgot about it for a while lol). I am still planning on releasing it. Most of the ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker VX Ace4/11/2016Ryan
Paranormal investigators Fiona and Ryan are introduced to a house crawling with an evil dark presence, however they are unsure whether it's a usual hoax or if it's truly the action they've b ... Read more
You are a billionaire, and owner of a software developing company. Your company's latest software, Regenerate, is capable of restoring a computer's software in case of a virus. You find you ... Read more
In DevelopmentOther9/26/2012rubenel
Defy gravity. Can you reach the final? Psyfics is a indie puzzle videogame made completely in HTML5.
CompletedRPG Maker XP10/14/2017Mateusz SSJ8
This game is about how the hater ends. The objective of the protagonist is to defeat the King of the Ponies. However that king doesn't exist in real.
Robot Misfits is a puzzle platformer that requires players to tactfully switch between four robots with varying abilities. Wheelie, Hover, Magno and Shrink will need teamwork to survive, uti ... Read more