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Download and play games made with RPG Maker and other platforms. Share your opinion by rating and reviewing the games you play. Also, you may share your own games to get feedback and exposure.
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CompletedRPG Maker VX Ace11/20/2017Orgaya
Geiken is a mystery/philosophical adventure set in a fantasy/sci-fi world. The focus is on the writing and storytelling, covering themes of identity, apotheosis, and the pursuit of happiness ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker XP8/29/2017Manucyan
Hello, Parasolitude is introducing a new concept : the "ha´kus-video-games". An ha´ku is a japanese traditionnal short poem with only 3 sentences. An ha´ku-video-game is a video-game very sh ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker VX Ace7/13/2017tropical8878
An ancient evil is about to be awoken from his 1,000 years sleep inside the Cruxis sword. Known to the people only as the crystal sword, this weapon grants the wielder unmatched powers, enou ... Read more
In DevelopmentRPG Maker VX Ace3/19/2017smilingdragon
This is a medieval fantasy, story-driven game in the Shaola series. However, it is not an episodic game. No prior experience with other games is necessary to play this game. Each game in t ... Read more
CompletedRPG Maker XP10/14/2017Mateusz SSJ8
This game is about how the hater ends. The objective of the protagonist is to defeat the King of the Ponies. However that king doesn't exist in real.
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