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RPG Maker 2003

An upgraded version of RPG Maker 2000, this is where the RPG Maker franchise started to become popular and grew to be a worldwide go-to-tool to create RPGs. RPG Maker 2003, also known as RM2k3 allowed anyone to create a fully functioning RPG with no scripting knowledge what-so-ever. The powerful eventing engine allowed for even custom battle systems and menu systems to be created through just clicks of the mouse. RPG Maker 2003 improved on 2000 by adding a side-view battle system and additional event commands. While it is now been replaced in popularity by RPG Maker XP and now VX, some people still hold RM2k3 as the best RPG Maker there ever was.

Sadly there is no legal way to obtain this maker in English, as it was illegally translated.

Rpg Maker 2003 Features:

  • Lower resolution graphics of 16x16 pixel sized tiles.
  • Includes weather effects, panorama backdrops, and up to 50 overlay graphics.
  • Added support for Mp3 sound audio files, in addition to MIDI and WAV
  • Graphics supported included only indexed (256 colored) PNG and BMP images.
  • Screen resolution of 320x240 pixels
  • Side view battle system allowing you to see your characters lined up on one side of the screen and the monsters lined up on the other
  • Character graphics were limited in size but allowed you to support hundreds of events without any lag.
  • One tileset per map that was limited in size, but allowed you to have unlimited maps and thus unlimited tilesets.
  • Robost eventing engine allowing you to create any event and system with just the click of the mouse.

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