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Thanks & Credits

Those who I couldn't have made the site without:

LagunaX1, Dee

Those who supported me and were there when I truly needed them:

Jaar, Pyramid_Head, ryan_campbell_2, Ragithon, poepoe, Tigurus, Miracle, Moonlight, Cirka_88, Alan, Saisuke, J10-Flitter, JadenDew, Thinker, Hypermusic, Maxxos, Asil, Mogdin, ravingfig, n0thin9, Ell

Those who stuck with me during the site's three year development process:

deadreaver1, Hayabusa123, maidnaut, DeathLock, Monkeydlu, Dark-Kyo, Devilmouse, WinterSoldier, Antifarea, Dragon Master, jedibob5, WillCourt, Eylk, mikey_b, Khallid, Despero6, hero_bash, Mit-mat, kalin, Dracona Shade, Sekorra

And anyone else that I may have forgotten.

Thank You!

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