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The Community System, or GCS for short, was developed by Henry Price over the last six months. It is based off of planning and documentation that has been in development for the last five years. Developed with classic ASP and a Microsoft SQL database back end, GCS has over 200 hours of programming development put into it. GCS was fully programmed from the ground up using Notepad++; the exception is the forum which was developed by Web Wiz.

Features introduced

  • Version 1.0 - released 6/22/2011
    • User content control panels - allowing members of the community to manage all content that they add to the site. Providing tools to manage features including: uploaded media, linked videos, uploaded files, linked external downloads, blogs, comments, content pages, credits, categories, tags, related records, and more.
    • Approval system - allowing staff to approve and disable content easily.
    • Report system - allowing staff to review complaints made by the community and take proper action.
    • Cache friendly design - allowing for improved performance and using ajax embeded content.
    • Modular design - allowing for rapid development and reuse of exisiting elements.
  • Version 1.1 - in development
    • Site Points (SP) Store - allowing members of the community to spend their virtual currency on virtual items.
    • User Inventory - allowing members to collect an inventory of virtual items and to gift items to other members.

The Community System is not for resale and is not available for use on your own website. Custom made web application development may be arranged by contacting Henry Price at

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