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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are SP and what are they for?

A: SP stands for Site Points, which are the sites currency which can be used to buy various items at the virtual store. You can earn SP by contributing to the site.

Q: Why are cookies and javascript needed?

A: Cookies and javascript are needed to allow parts of the site to function correctly and give you the best possible experiance when using the site.

Q: How do I contact staff?

A: To contact staff you should click the 'Contact' link at the very bottom of any site page. This will link you to a page that details every method you may use to contact a member of staff. Alternatively you may go to your Member Panel and sen a private message to one of the staff members.

Q: Why aren't the staff responding to me?

A: Pending on the amount of emails recieved you may not get an answer right away, please wait at least two full days before emailing again. This may also be because you have contacted the wrong e-mail, so double check you spelt the e-mail correctly and also check the 'Contact' page to make sure you used the right one.

Staff will also not reply if your message breaks any of the sites rules. A message of this type may lead to getting your account suspended.

Q: Can I download (various game makers) here?

A: You cannot download the game makers specifically on, however in the Download section of the site you will find information about each maker and a link that will take you to a site where you are able to download the game maker. Note: some makers supported by this site have no legal way of obtaining and we will not be able to help you find these makers other than to say "try google".

Account Related

Q: What are the registration benefits and how do I register?

A: The benefits are being able to upload and share content to the site as well as leave comments, reviews or rate other content uploaded by other members You will also be able to make posts in the sites forum.

To register you should go to the userbar at the very top of any site page where you will find the user bar. To it's far right is a button that says 'register'. Click this and then follow instructions on the page that loads to register your account.

Q: Can I rename my account?

A: No, at the moment this feature is not possible. However it may be made possible in the future at the cost of SP.

Q: How do I log in and log out?

A: To log in to the site you must go to the user panel at the top right of any page and then enter your username and password in the marked areas before hitting enter or clicking the button that says 'Log In' also found in the User Panel. After logging in you will be able to click a button that says 'Log Out' which only appears in the User Panel while you are logged into the site. Note: you will need Javascript enabled to view the fully functional user bar.

Q: How do I recover my password?

A: If you have forgotten your password and wish to recover it you must e-mail When you do so you must make sure that you include your username. Once this is done a staff member will check your profile to make sure the -mail is correct before sending a notification to this e-mail that asks you if you asked for your password to be changed. If this is the case then simply reply to this e-mail a confirmation. The staff will then change your password for you and then e-mail the new password back to you which you may change after logging on.

Q: How do I view other Members Profiles?

A: On the forum/Community page there are a row of labeled icons above the forum area. If you are logged in one of these icons will say 'Memberlist'. If you click this you will find a list of members and be able to search for the user you wish to find.

If you are look at the specific members forum post or content they have uploaded, you can quickly get to their profile by simply clicking on their username which will link you to their member profile

Q: What do the symbols mean on my user bar?

A: The stack of coins represents Site Points (SP) that is the currency of The number next to it shows how much SP you currently have. By clicking this symbol you will be linked to the sites virtual store.

The envelope represents private messages and the speech bubble notifications, the numbers beside them show how many messages or notificatiosn you have that are currently unread.

The red warning symbol represents warnings and reports against you, the number beside it will only increase if you break any of the rules and a staff member send you a warning.

The final symbol is for the panel which links you to the User Settings where you are able to submit content to the site.

Q: I want to send a private message. How can I do this?

A: To send a private message click panel at the top of the site. On the next page click the envelope in the user settings and this will take you to the private messages section where you can send and read messages that have been sent to you.

Content Related

Q: Why do I need all this information for my game/resource/etc?

A: The reason we have placed restrictions on what can be uploaded is so that people are unable to send unfinished content or spam content onto the site. It enables the staff to be able to do their job more effectively as they do not have to go through every single game that does not fit the criteria need to be submitted.

The restrictions are also a good guideline for anyone unfamiliar with what should be included when uploading content.

Q: Why are my games/resources/etc taking so long to be approved?

A: Everything is reviewed manually by staff, and while they try to approve content as quickly as possible sometimes they can take a while due to an excessive amount of content being submitted.

Q: My game/resource/etc got rejected! What must be improved?

A: When your content is rejected or disabled you will get a notification on your user panel. that will tell you that your content has been rejected or disabled. In this notification there will also be a link you can follow that will take you back to editing your content where there will be a notice telling you why the content was rejected or disabled and how to fix the problem.

Q: How do I delete a comment I have posted on any content?

A: When you post a comment on any content there is an edit and delete button right next to your comments. Simply click the delete button to delete the comment and the edit to edit it.

Q: I can't find my content anywhere? Help!

A: To locate your content you should go to the user panel at the top of any page and click the panel button which will take you to your user settings. Here you will find a row of icons in a box titled 'Your Content'. Click any of these will take you to a list of relevant content you have submitted to the site.

Q: I see bad content on the site, what should I do?

A: If you ever see any content that violates the site's guidelines and rules, then do not hesitate to hit the Report button found in the upper right corner of the page. Here you should select the reason that you are filing a complaint and provide a brief description to help us find exactly what you are talking about.

Forum Related

Q: How do I make a forum post?

A: While on a forum page, scroll down to the end of the topic and click the 'new post' button. Note: Some forums may not allow you to make new posts or the topic may be locked.

Q: How do I create a forum topic?

A: While on the forum click on the category relevant to the topic you wish to make. At the top of this forum there is a button that says 'New Topic'. Clicking this will allow you to create a new topic. Note: Some forums may not allow you to make new posts or the forum may be locked.

Q: How do I report posts?

A: To report a post you should send a private message to one of the forum modreators and the problem will be resolved swiftly.

Q: Why can't I access a section of the forum?

A: Part of the forum is only accessible by members of staff. Another reason this might be is because you are currently not logged into the site.

Q: Why do my posts/topics keep getting moved/deleted?

A: A forum staff should be giving you warnings each time this happen. To see them you should go to the user panel at the top of the site and click the red warning symbol. If you are not receiving any warnings and this keeps happening, contact a member of staff immediately to resolve this issue.

Q: How can I modify/delete my posts

A: On each of your posts there will be an edit button, click this will take you onto a page where you may edit the post. It is not possible to delete your posts unless you were the last person to post on the thread.

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