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Please read the following rules carefully. If you do not agree with any of these rules then stop using this site immediately.

Lasted updated: 6/18/2011

Contribution Guidelines

Abusing the system [1W] [+S]

  • You may not delete your records and re-add them to achieve the prime position of newly added. Your records will not be approved, so don't try.
  • You should not title your records with symbols to gain a higher listing if sorted alphabetically such as using symbols or numbers as the first letter.
  • You agree to respect and fix any complaints sent to you in a timely fashion.
  • You will not attempt to use more than the allocated limits set and try to circumvent these limits through tricks or other tactics.

Mature Content [1W] [+S]

  • Images depicting naked individuals will not be accepted.
  • Explicit text will not be accepted.
  • Do not depict or reference violence or drugs.
  • No use of swear words will be accepted.
  • Games that contain profanity must have a warning stating this is the case. And may not show any profanity in it's online profile or in it's screen shots.

No Copyrighted content or Plagiarism [1W] [+S]

  • You should not upload things to the site you do not have complete ownership over.
  • If you did not make it, then you should not be adding it to the site.
  • This includes ripped content from commercial games.
  • If the site is sued for copyright material or plagiarism and you are responsible for the material, the site will hold you legally accountable.

Incomplete Content [1W] [+S]

  • If required fields are left blank, content will not be accepted.

Spam, unrelated or clearly faked content [1W] [+S]

  • Content that is submitted to the wrong place or has nothing to do with the area it was submitted to will not be accepted.

Harm and hacking [1B]

  • Uploading virus's or other harmful content or attempting to hack the site will result in instant suspension of your account.
  • Exploiting and using unknown bugs will result in instant suspension of your account.
  • Robots and automated programs are not allowed to be used on the site. Members caught using either may have their accounts instantly suspended.
  • Any other Illegal activities on the site will also result in instant suspension of your account.

Report Button

  • If you see anything that goes against the rules but has been overlooked by staff. Use the report button to bring it to the Staffs attention and it will be looked into as soon as possible. The Guidelines above will make it clear what isn't accepted.


Adding Games [1W] [+S]

  • Games still in pre-development or in early development should not be added. Only games with playable content should be added as content.

Adding Resources [1W] [+S]

  • Only add resources in which you are the author of. Rips, recolours and minor edits do not mean you are the author.
  • Only add resources to the site that are complete and usable.

Adding Tutorials [1W] [+S]

  • Only add tutorials in which you are the author of.
  • Only add tutorials to the site that are complete and usable.
  • Cite your sources.

Account Guidelines

Account Creation [1W] [+S]

  • Your account name, signatures and other related material must not go against any other stated guideline.
  • The size of the signature, including both images and text, should not exceed 300 pixels in height.
  • When creating an account a complex password is encouraged.

Account Impersonation [1B]

  • Impersonating other members won't be tolerated.
  • Using or attempting to use another members account without permission will also result in an instant suspension.

Multiple Accounts [1W]

  • No member should actively use more than one separate account..

Account Responsibility

  • You are responsible for anything that occurs on your account, even if it was not you and was a family member.

Communication Guidelines

Attacking the Site [1S] [+B]

  • Content that is clearly submitted to mock the site, other sites or members of the site will not be accepted.

Spamming [1W] [+S]

  • No spamming or off topic posting that derails a topic, including clearly irrelevant posts and ones that lack content. This will result in a warning and a possible deletion of your post.

Offensive Content [1W] [+S]

  • Posts containing offensive content will be deleted without question, in extreme cases your account will be instantly suspended.

Flaming [1W] [+S]

  • Flaming or Trolling other members or trying to entice others into a 'flame war' will result in possible account suspension.

Disruption [1W] [+S]

  • Disruptive posts that disrupt the forum for any other members will result in a warning and post deletion.

Flooding [1W] [+S]

  • Flooding this forum or a member of this forum flooding another forum will result in account suspension. As will trying to incite a forum war with another site.

Harassment [1S] [+B]

  • Constant harassment or stalking of a specific individual that makes them feel unwelcome or makes their presence on the site an undesirable one will result in a warning and possible account suspension.
  • Respect all other members of the site.

Necro-Posting[1W] [+S]

  • Posting topics that are more than a month old with no relevant post or justified reason will result in a warning and the topic will be locked.
  • Acceptable reasons for necro-posting are to add to a topic that can still be useful currently.
  • Posting simply to thank a member or agree with them is not a good reason to necro-post.
  • An exception to this rule is if the original creator of the topic is the one that necro-posts.

Mass Messaging [1S] [+B]

  • Members should not use our sites messaging service to spam messages to other members.
  • Messages should also not advertise products or web sites.

Voting/Rating Abuse [1W] [+S]

  • Members should not vote or rate content more than once.
  • No linking to content while encouraging people to vote or rate it positively.

Link Exchange

Link Areas [1W] [+S]

  • There will be specific areas on the site where you will be able to advertise your site or sites relevant to the content on
  • These include the Link Exchange Forum, contributing a web site link through the control panel "Website Links", in the credits of your contributions, in your accounts website field and in your account signiture.
  • The links that credit your contributions must only link to websites that are directly related to the record for crediting purposes.
  • In the Link Exchange Forum you may exchange links related to the content of the site that does not belong to you own site.
  • None of the links should lead to inappropriate sites that break this sites rules.

Advertisement [1W] [+S]

  • Submitted Content that is purely intended to advertise a product or website will not be accepted and may cause your account to be instantly suspended.
  • This includes sites that give you points or skill ups for every click of the link, such as top sites and online games, as this is classed as a method of advertisement.

Regarding Staff Members

Judgement Calls

  • Staff have the authority to make judgement calls that may differ from the rules in certain circumstances.
  • Any warnings or actions taken against you can be appealed with administration if you feel you were wrongfully accused.

Repeated Offences

  • If you violate numerous rules, regardless of severity, you could be banned.

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