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Complaints about content?

If you have found any content that goes against our site's guidelines and rules, please use the conviently placed report buttons to alert us. Our report system has been designed to quickly address these problems. Do not email us these complaints.

Need help using the site?

Please check to see if your question has already been answered in our help section. If your problem was not addressed please contact us through this forum here. All staff members will be able to review your problems and questions and you will recieve a much quicker response.

Found an error on the site?

Please send all error reports to Please include in your report: URL of where the error occured; a brief description of what you were doing to cause the error; your username you were using; and the date/time it occured. We greatly appericate error reports and we always want to improve the site. Thank you.

Need help with your game development?

Please do not contact staff directly about game development questions. Take all questions relating to game development to the community forums, where the whole community can help you.

Copyright problems?

Please see our copyright page to file copyright infringement notifications and to review our copyright policies.

Other questions and comments?

Please feel free to email the proper department for all other site related problems, questions and comments:

  • - Handles account approval, ban appeals and password resets.
  • - Handles site errors, legal problems, and to get in touch with the creator of the site.

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