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We are an upcoming indie game development site with a quickly growing community full of like minded individuals who enjoy the art of game creation. As a community we do not wish to be a closed off site and as such we want to branch out and affiliate with other sites with similar minded communities to our own.

We feel this is a positive step forward for both sites involved as it gives the chance for different communities of game development to interact with one another. Not only will this allow sites to share knowledge with one another but create a broader community for both game development communities.

What should you do if you wish to Affiliate with our site?

Before applying here is a list of things we look for in the sites we affiliate with. Our site should also pass these points to your own satisfaction as well.

  • Relevant content -
    Your site should be relevant to the content we provide in our own, for example we are a game development site that aims to help others in game development. So your site must at the very least be related to games or games resources of some kind. Such as a topic that all game developers should find useful.

  • Security -
    We have to be careful when linking to other sites as we don't want to accidentally send any of our members somewhere unsafe or harmful to them or their computers. So your site should have rules and security to prevent such harmful content from appearing on your site. So basically your site should be safe and secure from viruses, malware and anything else that has negative effects.

  • A Good Community -
    We are not necessarily looking for a community of size but of value. Not just in skills but in personality and social ability. We're not looking for rivalry or for members that are rude and offensive, so you should only apply if you believe your community to be full of respectable members.

If you think your site and both pass the things listed above then now you should be ready to apply to affiliate with us.

To do so is very simple, you just e-mail your name, the title of your site, a link to your site, and a brief description of your site to the e-mail below. Once you have done so we will be in touch and we will talk through the affiliation so both sites are happy with the process. Please allow us up to a week to respond.


Affiliated communities:

Chaos Project
Rpg Legend - Online RPG

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