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Mission Statement is a game design community focused around the Rpg Maker franchise but welcome all engines and platforms. We are agroup of developers who want to share the joy of game creation and provide anyone and everyone with the tools and know-how to start forging their own games. Whether you've never touched a development tool or you're an old pro, our friendly and helpful community are willing to lend a hand.

Goals strives to bring together a community that helps and befriends those in need and brings together game developers from all over the world. We wish to provide help to you in the most effective way possible and advance the site in a way that will best allow us to do that. To help us achieve our goal we remember that our community have a voice. A site built upon it's community to help it's community is our main goal, and as such no suggestion or critique will go unheard. We aim to make this the best game making experience you'll find anywhere on the web.


  • August 10th 2009 - was announced
  • January 2nd 2011 - began development
  • June 22th 2011 - officially launched
  • December 2nd 2011 - gained a new logo of a winter theme (made by Ryan)
  • December 23rd 2011 - Major Site improvements made to home page and section entrances
  • March 22nd 2012 - Restored the old logo with banner tweaks and other minor site improvements

  Sir Malcolm

Message from Sir Malcolm

Once again someone has wandered into this land and seeks to learn the lore behind its creation. Well, curious traveller, take a seat by the fire for I have a tale to tell that shall enlighten you on the road you are about to walk.

          The site you have so curiously stumbled upon is none other than, a site crafted by thephantom solely with its community in mind. This site houses a group of developer's who wish to share the joy of game creation with those new to the craft. You shall find every tool you need and the knowledge required to begin forging and creating a game of your own! Or perhaps you are already well versed in this craft, and have forged a game you wish to share? You too are welcome here at the site to share your knowledge and showcase your game for others to play and review! I think you will find plenty to do here no matter how much or little knowledge you have arrived with and remember the community that already resides on the site are willing to lend their aid to any problems that may arise.

          But what is it we do this for? What need is there for such a place? You see, this site has a dream to bring together a community. A community that helps one another and befriends those in need; That brings together game crafters from across the world and allows them to gain help and show their games to a large group of like-minded people. The site strives to be accessible to its users and provide them with the best game crafting experience it can in as simple and effective way as possible. How can we reach these goals? What methods can we take to ensure this success we envision for our future? We listen; we do not ignore the words of our people. A community built for the community, your suggestions and advice will not be given in vain! For this site to advance and reach its goal as a community based site it must embrace its community! You matter, that is why this site matters and its community shall always matter!

          And there you have it, a tale like no other! I hope your questions have been answered for now I must retire as fatigue has claimed me. But wait, I have forgotten to introduce myself. My name is Sir Malcolm, and we shall meet again. Farewell, and good luck!

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