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Humble Weekly Bundle: RPGMaker
Tigurus Fay wrote on 5/29/2014:

In addition to my last announcement of the Steam Free Weekend, is there also a Humble Bundle Weekly deal featuring RPG Maker!

This bundle is divided into 3 tiers!

Tier 1 which is the minimum of $1 gives:
- RPG Maker VX Ace
- 2 RPG Maker Bundles (DLC/Games)
- SKyborn (A game)
- Sweet Lily Dreams (A game)

Tier 2 which is a minimum of $6 gives:
- RPG Maker XP
- Exclusive resource pack
- 2 more bundles (DLC/Games)
- To the moon ( A critically acclaimed game)
- Deadly Sin 2 (A game)

Tier 3 is the final tier which is unlocked at a minimum of $12 gives:
- Game Character Hub (A program to create sprites/resources)
- RPG Resource Bundle #3
- Legionwood 2 (A game)

When buying this, you can choose yourself if you want to give the money to charity, the developers or humble bundle. Or divide it as you like!

You can check it out here

What do you guys think? A good deal? I personally would switch XP and Ace as Ace is still more expensive than XP and newer.
Also, I would think it is bad timing regarding there is also a steam Free Weekend for Ace at this moment.
Atleast you can try before you buy but what is $1?

Tigurus Fay2014-05-29 19:31:03
Free Weekend: RPG Maker VX Ace
Tigurus Fay wrote on 5/29/2014:

Nothing to do this weekend?! Want to be creative?! You can now if you don't have RPG Maker VX Ace! 

RPG Maker VX Ace is now on sale* on Steam for the weekend. It's 75% off so that means instead of 59.99 it will be €15!
Additionally, the DLC/resource packs are also 75% off!
But that is not all. You can try it before buying it! In this "Free Weekend" you are allowed to download the engine and create as much as you want without limitations till monday.
When you are confinced, you can buy the engine and use it forever!

Here up to the Steam Page!

Tell us your thoughts?! Trying it? Buying it?!
Tigurus Fay2014-05-29 14:01:12
Game Maker Studio FREE limited time offer!
thephantom wrote on 2/21/2014:

Game Maker Studio: Standard Edition is now free for a limited time (normally $49.99)!!

If you don't already own a copy of GameMaker: Studio, for a limited time, you can now get your own GameMaker: Studio Standard license, completely free! To get your copy of GameMaker: Studio Standard simply download the Free Version and follow the instructions that appear inside.

This offer ends March 2, 2014, so hurry while you can to get your free copy of GameMaker!

Standard Edition features:
  • Create games for desktop Windows and Mac and Windows 8.
  • Easily create action, platformers, and any genre of game
  • License to sell and distribute your games
  • Powerful GML scripting language, easy enough to learn
  • Adanced 2D shaders and physic engines
  • Networking/multiplayer support

And an additional offer until March 2, 1014, you may also unlock the Professional tier for only $35.  In this tier you can export games to different platforms by paying a one time fee for each platform:    HTML5 $99.99,  Android $199.99, iOS $199.99, and Linux $99.99.

Tired of making RPG's?  Give Game Maker a chance! And be sure to share any games you create with us here at!

New Fantasy Releases!
All Rpg Makers 15% Off here at
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