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RPG Maker 2003 Officially Released in English!
Tigurus Fay wrote on 4/24/2015:

Hear Yee Hear Yee!
Gather round children as we have a tale to tell you! 
A tale of an old hero...

That is right. RPG Maker 2003 is now officially released in the English language.
As RPG Maker 2003 is a popular choice with the RM community since it ever was released, now every english speaking human (and other creatures) can use it.

Does it add something new however?
Not much, it is the same engine but in an official English release and with a few small features.
It seems some small things have been added but nothing that I could find that would be highy noteworthy or actually able to find without purchasing it.
You can get it on steam for a mere €19.99. Though it's on sale till 1 May with a small 15% off.

What do you guys things? Want to grab it? Think this will make more people use it? Think that even more communities will die? Leave your comments right here!

thephantom2015-04-24 22:39:22
Rpg Maker 3 Music Pack!!
thephantom wrote on 4/11/2015:

Have you bought the Rpg Maker 3 music pack?

  • It includes 40 amazing tracks to use in your games!
  • All tracks straight from RPG Maker 3 for the Playstation 2
  • Compatible with RPG Maker VX and VX Ace
  • These tracks are in .ogg format and are labelled and ready for your next project.

A few samples can be heard on the link below and don't forget to come back here to order the package!

Buy it here for $19.99


Tell us what you think of this music pack!

thephantom2015-04-11 22:30:56
All Rpg Makers 15% Off here at
thephantom wrote on 2/8/2014:

We,, have teamed up with Enterbrain (the creators of Rpg Maker
XP, VX, VX Ace) to provide you with this 15% off discount on all Rpg Makers
year round! Click the Buy now buttons automatically save 15% on any Rpg Maker of your choice!

Price break down:
Rpg Maker XP normally $24.99, 15% off: now $21.24
Rpg Maker VX normally $59.99, 15% off: now $50.99
Rpg Maker VX Ace normally $69.99, 15% off: now $59.49 is an Rpg Maker community website allowing you to share your games, resources, tutorials, and much more! Join our site today and say hello! 

thephantom2015-04-11 22:10:33
RPG Maker VX Ace Lite
4 Gaming Cliches that need to go!
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